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Rafał Styczeń

ShootAR - Augmented Reality Game

IIF makes its investment very selective. After one year of searching and investigating the gaming sector we are happy to announce our first investment. We became shareholder Future Reality Games Company developing ShootAR an augmented reality FPS (first person shooter) game. It is a shooter game that people can play with each other using their smartphones and its intergrated cameras with weapons, maps, strategies augmented in real time. Take a look how playing the game looks like here.

Augmented Reality is coming to games and other areas of UI very fast. Recent issue of MIT Technology Review adresses the case featuring ShootAR as one example of future games. 

I have been posting about a vision of a game like this in May 2010 (Dinozaury w telefonie), as well as I have seen other taking about it, eg Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures. A film presenting an idea of that king Future FPS on you tube (see it here) released Dec 2010 has reached over 21 mln views! I am specially proud that we were able to find one developed in Poland, Krakow. It realy looks like Poland is becoming a player in gaming.

Meble.pl offers customized furnitures

Rafał Styczeń 11/05/2012

Meble.pl  has started to offer customized furniture production. See how it works  here . Internet is an interactive tool. Our investment in meble.pl was from the very beginning...


Newest trailer for The ShootAR

Rafał Styczeń 10/05/2012

Newest  trailer for The ShootAR  - world first and leading augmented reality shooter game. You can download the game for Android  here . iOS is coming shortly.


Christmas greetings from IIF

IIF 22/12/2011

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year.


Wind Mobile financial results - profit up 64%

Rafał Styczeń 15/11/2011

Wind Mobile, mobile entertainment & advertising company, quoted on Warsaw Stock Exchange, announced its  quarterly financial results  yesterday. Net profit grew 64% in...


CFO wanted

Rafał Styczeń 12/10/2011

Szukamy do meble.pl młodego, zdolnego, ambitnego CFO. Meble.pl  to prężnie rozwijący sie e-commerce w branży meblowej. Ogromna dynamika i zyskowność. W 2008 miał...

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Check Politicians How They Vote

Rafał Styczeń 22/12/2011

We see now in US a big debate about SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) - the freedom and censorship of internet. Individual people, not only politicians, are seriously involved in the debate. They are creating tracking tools to see how congress will vote.... more

Kiedy nie opłaca się pozyskać inwestora?

Łukasz Juśkiewicz 28/01/2011

Odpowiedź wydaje się oczywista ? wtedy kiedy wartość pakietu udziałów założyciela spółki, która nie pozyskała inwestora, jest większa niż wartość udziałów tego założyciela w spółce, która inwestora pozyskała. Skoro modelowo problem... more

Customer on a platter… or new trends in advertising

Łukasz Juśkiewicz 01/07/2011

  Advertising is a leverage for the trade – that Polish saying had not been put much in practice until recently. Currently it is living its second youth.  It has been a long time since advertising was so closely linked with sales. We witnessed a... more
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