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monetto Internet marketplace for social lending.
IIF investment: October 2007

MONETTO introduced into a Polish finance market entirely new service which will revolutionize consumer finance sector. Service was very interesting alternative for credits, loans and investments funds. MONETTO.PL was finance platform allowing direct loans between people - People-to-People (P2P - lending). Service was based on rules similar to model present in e-commerce such as eBay or Allegro. Project used standards and models of similar foreign services like ZOPA (UK) or Prosper (US). However service was situated in Polish reality. 


During project development market and financial performance was verified, showing that the average loan size is two times smaller than assumed in the business plan and market penetration is much slower. The problem was too "excessive" competition. In Poland, there were five similar sites, in contrast to developed countries where the average is 2-3. This caused a lot of competition for the same piece of the market verifying payback period.

Service existed until the completion of more than 99% of the repaid loans, ie the end of February 2010.


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