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kompan.pl One of the fastest developing interactive agencies in Central Europe
IIF investment (within Internet Ventures): May 2011


Kompan.pl is one of the fastest developing interactive agencies in Central Europe. The company provides its customers with the web traffic of high quality and  transforms it into sale results. Kompan.pl provides over 2000 customers with the advanced technological and advertising solutions.


The company was established in 2004 with purpose of selling CMS software. Company quickly realized that what's the most important for its customers are the effects of investment in interactive solutions. Therefore, Kompan started to provide target websites with the web traffic and to look after the high efficacy of the campaign - measured with the sale results of its customers. In the short period of time, Kompan became one of the leading distributors of SEM and contextual advertising in Poland.


With each action they take, they want to help their customers to develop their business in Internet. Kompan provides them with the web traffic which is transformed into effects - real transactions, questions about the offer and interest in the brand. Kompan always tries to be the most transparent possible and to share its marketing knowledge with the customers.


Currently, they provide over 2000 customers with the advanced technological and advertising solutions. There are many famous brands among their customers p.ex.: Polpharma, ESET, Comarch and houndreds of small and medium companies that are provided with our services in companies five branches: in Warsaw, Poznan, Gdynia, Wrocław and Katowice. Kompan.pl solutions include creation, advanced CMS software, affiliation, strategy and advices, e-commerce, advanced advertising campaigns, data analysis.


The efficacy of Kompan solutions, transparency and customers' trust became the source of company dynamic development. Within the whole time Kompan business activity, its turnover increased yearly and Deloitte classified Kompan among the fastest developing technological companies in Europe three times in a row.


Due to selling Internet Ventures, IIF is no longer shareholder in Koman.pl 



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