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IIF S.A. is a technology fund interested in investing in innovative companies which in future will generate high returns. IIF interest areas are: Internet, software, electronic media, e-commerce, consumer finance.

We do not provide loans to companies, but we invest money, in return, we embrace the shares in the company. In one project IIF invests up to € 1.5 million which translates to 30-70% of the shares (depending on project development and its potential).

Cooperation with the IIF starts with presenting the idea. Just send us a brief description, including the most important issues: competence of the team, the aim of the project, market potential, competition, investment needs. Our analysis department will examine the project and if we are interested we will contact the originator to arrange a meeting. Next stages are: negotiations of the investment conditions (term sheet) and the final evaluation of the Investment Committee (the body of an objective evaluation). At the end we signed the investment contract, set up a company (if needed) and transfer money. Companies which IIF invests in, become independent legal entities (usually a limited liability company).

When evaluating projects, following elements are taken into account: innovation, design, development potential and the ability to generate high returns. One method of assessing the potential of the project is the DCF method (discounted cash flow analysis). What is also taken into account, is the contribution of the originator - is it just the know-how, or also own contribution. This second element is not a prerequisite for investment.
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