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Rafał Styczeń

Solars to the moon

Finally we might see a breakthrough in solar technology.

This is what i have been preaching for years. We havent see any major breakthrough in solar power technologies since the old solar watch 20 years ago. Would there be such an push and incentive activated as Kenedy’s 1961 “moon shot” pledge we would already be self efficient in power generation.

Now we see it soming. At least I hope so. The U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) aims to change that by bringing down the cost of solar electricity via a new program dubbed “SunShot”.  With SunShot, the goal is to reduce the cost of solar to [$1 per watt] in the next six years.

But you won’t achieve it with 27m$ you have to commit billions!

Biggest VC fund launched by IIF

Rafał Styczeń 02/07/2010

Finaly, after working for 2 years, I am happy to announce that IIF (Internet Investment Fund) has closed a new venture capital fund of 100 mln PLN to invest in early & growth...


Mobile Services in the iWorld

Rafał Styczeń 10/06/2010

There is an iPad to win and very interesting one-day conference comming up next week in Warsaw (Poland) concerning newest trends in mobile services world wide. It is presented...


Groupon clones harvest

Rafał Styczeń 10/05/2010

I must say it?s been some time I haven?t seen such a hype in start-up investing. Here in Poland where the crisis did not hit so dramatically and the country is enjoying its...


Persykop is storming

Rafał Styczeń 30/04/2010

I wanted to write about facebook new initiative f8 and its huge consequences, but great news struck today morning?. Few of you know our involvement in Perskop.pl projekt...


Core Values - Journey more important than aim

Rafał Styczeń 19/04/2010

I just came across a great article at S lawek?s Lachowski website (great manager & entrepreneur, former BRE Bank CEO and mBank founder - one of biggest internet banks in...

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Kiedy nie opłaca się pozyskać inwestora?

Łukasz Juśkiewicz 28/01/2011

Odpowiedź wydaje się oczywista ? wtedy kiedy wartość pakietu udziałów założyciela spółki, która nie pozyskała inwestora, jest większa niż wartość udziałów tego założyciela w spółce, która inwestora pozyskała. Skoro modelowo problem... more

Customer on a platter… or new trends in advertising

Łukasz Juśkiewicz 01/07/2011

  Advertising is a leverage for the trade – that Polish saying had not been put much in practice until recently. Currently it is living its second youth.  It has been a long time since advertising was so closely linked with sales. We witnessed a... more

Meble.pl offers customized furnitures

Rafał Styczeń 11/05/2012

Meble.pl  has started to offer customized furniture production. See how it works  here . Internet is an interactive tool. Our investment in meble.pl was from the very beginning not only to create the biggest e-commerce furniture market in Poland but... more
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